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Multidisciplinary Design and Fabrication

Works of art for individuals and public spaces
Restoration projects of significant artworks
We primarily design and create artworks for clients on a commissioned basis. Artworks indicated as in the Collection of the Artist are available for sale, please contact us for pricing. Works in Public or Private Collections are unavailable, however we would be happy to create an original work for you on a special order basis.

Solar Sculptures


My solar sculptures are an exploration of mankind’s relationship with nature and technology, and seek to promote an awareness of the normal balance of forces found in nature. Using solar technology, The Solar Flower Blossom sculptures are colorful and plant-like, in that they are seductively colorful, changing their shape, deriving sustenance from the energy in the environment. However they remain as machines. As such they help to make people aware of the natural world and of the use of solar energy. Furthermore the solar technology that powers all of these artworks represents a hope for the future. Inevitably as these sculptures are exhibited even nontechnical people are curious about what makes them work. This curiosity promotes the awareness that I believe is a key to beginning the restoration of the normal balance of nature, as well as survival of the human race on earth.


Wind Sculptures


The wind is one of the earths most universal natural forces. It is both soothing and powerful, and moves many of my sculptures. From milling grain to flying a kite, mankind has found many wonderful uses for the wind. My wind powered sculptures are meant to reflect the energy and excitement of the wind, and as such are lively and colorful.


Animametric Sculptures


an'i•må, n. [L.] life principal; soul.

met'ric, a [L.metricus; Gr. metrikos, pertaining to measure, from metron, measure]

All art is an abstraction of life. That abstraction affects our feelings and thoughts through the power of recognition. We recognize, consciously or subconsciously, people, places, things that are part of our experience in life. The attraction of other humans, memories, tactile experiences that we can not verbalize can be effectively communicated through works of art. The most powerful art, that work which moves us the most, has the most direct connection to those subliminal memories.

The mechanics of how we see shapes and colors have been studied and written about by many artists and scientists. Colors and shapes interact to develop feelings in our subconscious. The objects in the world that we view as continuous and solid are actually made up of small particles with mostly space in between. Every one of us, and all of the things that we perceive in the world, are not really solid at all, but billions of tiny specks in magnetic suspension. Impressionism (while not philosophically, but in the manner in which impressionists mechanically constructed paintings, with daubs of paint instead of layers of washes), and later Pointillism, Cubism and Constructivist sculpture corrected our perception of the visual world. All continuous surfaces and lines in reality are made up of infinite segments of various sizes.

My work is a conscious effort to consider the forms and symbols that we encounter in life that cause us to reflect on our tactile and visual learning experiences. I deliberately exploit the interaction of shapes, movement and colors to create artworks that are at once machines and organisms.


Restoration Projects


On a selective basis our studios will undertake restoration of significant works of art for institutions, municipalities, and private collectors.


Fresh Paint!


From time to time we will add a few projects that we are either in the middle of or have just finished.


Few Other Things


Over the years we have created many different things, some with a purpose, others just for the pure joy of craft and expression. Here are a few examples. Others will get added as we get around to putting them here. Enjoy.


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