Elsworth Kelly, Arcs


Harvard University employed our services to restore this important work by Elsworth Kelly.  The sculpture is located in the exterior wall of the parking garage at Harkness Common.  Constructed of heavy aluminum plate, significant galvanic corrosion was blistering the paint from below the surface, and pitting the aluminum.  The sculpture was attached to the wall with a heavy hollow steel bracket, which was also corroding.  The paint was removed with random orbital sanders, and then the aluminum was first glass beaded to clean and consolidate the surface, and then coated with two primers, and a catalyzed urethane topcoat.  The steel, which was causing much of the galvanic corrosion, was glass beaded, and primed first with a zinc rich epoxy coating, then top coated.  The tubular steel bracket was also filled with a closed cell expanding foam to reduce the steel surface area exposed to the atmosphere and reducing it’s galvanic potential.

Heavy aluminum plate,  20 ft. tall, 10 ft deep, 25 ft wide Collection Harvard University